6 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Hire Wine Barrels for Your Next Event in Perth!!!

Whether you are a party planner or a casual event planner looking for a way to save a lot of money but also want to give guests a fantastic rustic party, hiring wine barrels from Luke’s Barrel Hire Perth is your best bet. These wooden wine keepers give parties a country style appeal that people love. Here are six awesome reasons why you should consider adding wine barrels in your next event:

1) Wine barrels are simple but stylish!

wine barrels have a simple design that blends well with any kind of party. Whether you’re having a country style party or a hipster kind of party, wine barrels will beautifully fit in with your decorative style. Even parties with out-of-this-world themes can still make use of  wine barrels as decoration. The timeless and classic look of wine barrels makes it easy enough to incorporate them as decorative elements into any party theme.

2) Wine barrels are versatile!

they can be used in your party in many different ways. Wine barrels can be used as decorations, tables, chairs, and so much more. Use them as tables by placing them side by side. Use them as chairs or as a decorative piece that adds a charming rustic feel to your party.

3) Wine barrels are durable!

even when your party guests start to get a little bit rowdy as they consume more wine and other alcoholic beverages, these sturdy decorations won’t budge. Unlike regular tables that can break, topple over, and become damaged, wine barrels remain upright. Their wide round shape gives them a stable base that does not easily tip over.

You also have a flat and level surface if you are using the wine barrel as a table. Spills are avoided and you do not have to deal with a lot of mess. In Perth, WA, you can put a bottle of great wine from Evans and Tate on each wine barrel table without worrying about the bottle sliding off the table and falling to your guest’s lap or to the ground.

4) Wine barrels are inexpensive!

Perth event styling experts have been using wine barrels as decorations, tables, and chairs for their events because they’re very easy on the budget. If you compare the price of using a fancy table setting versus using 10 wine barrels from Luke’s Barrel Hire Perth, you will find that you can save so much money.

Cheap wine barrel hire Perth also make it very easy to setup and cleanup your space. Some providers offer free wine barrel delivery and pickup after the party has concluded. Some even offer to help you setup your space using their wine barrels.

If you use decorating services for a fee, that’s one other thing you need to worry less about because they usually have decorations that look well with the wine barrels already on hand. They offer wooden pallets, wooden boxes, and other rustic looking elements to complete the country vibe you want.

5) Wine barrels don’t stain easily!

unlike tables and decorations covered in cloth, wine barrels don’t get stained easily if you accidentally spill wine or food on them. This makes cleanup a breeze after every party.

Wine barrels don’t need to be cleaned too much because rubbing and scrubbing can actually make them lose their vintage feel so you usually only need to do a quick wash. In some cases, you only need to wipe off any dirt with a clean cloth and you’re good to go. If you are anticipating that people will get a little bit clumsy with their food or if you are serving saucy food, you might want to consider using wine barrels for easy cleanup.

6) Half-Wine barrels can be used as storage!

wine barrels can be cut in half and used as ‘holders’ for all kinds of things you can need for your party. They can be used as a chiller for your beverages, as fruit crates, as flower pots, or as a treat bucket for your party favors and giveaways.

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Set up half wine barrels in your refreshment area, fill them up with ice, and put your beverage bottles in them. Your guests do not have to wait for their drinks to be served by a waiter or to be handed to them by a bar tender. They can simply pick up their choice of drink from the barrels.

Wine barrels are versatile pieces that offer many ingenuous uses in every event or party. Try them at your next country style or vintage party and see how a simple barrel can add a rustic appeal to your décor.