Pricing and “Event Package”

At Luke’s Barrel Hire Perth our prices are Soft on your pockets because we want to make sure you still have enough for all your other event requirements.  We boast Perth’s most competitive prices so please give us a call if you like to discuss our best price offer options. We also offer Free delivery (condition apply; detail below the pricing).

Price per items (for hire)

all the prices are subject to GST charges-

    • Full wine barrels $35/each or $100 for three.
    • half wine barrels $25/each
    • table top $20/each for (180cm L x 60cm W)
    • table top $25/each for (220cm L x 60cm W)
    • Bar stools $6/each (black and silver available)
    • white bentwood chairs $8/each to hire, we have over 120 available in stock
    • vintage wooden crates $10/each (size differs per items as its original)
    • Rustic wooden lanterns $15/each, we have 13x lanterns in stock.
    • white/gold metal hexagon shape lanterns $20/each (large), $15/each for small or $30 for one of each size, we have 10x lanterns in stock.
    • vintage chalkboard (large jarrah) $50 (110cm x 60cm) double side chalk board
    • Rustic table, black metal support with rustic wooden top (220cm Lx 68cm W) $80
    • vintage decorative items; metal bike (110cm L x 100cm H) $30 to hire, vintage ladders $15/each to hire
    • rustic wooden Arbour $120 to hire. flower arrangement for Arbour available from $100.
  • Pallet bar $120 (200cm Long)
  • pallet bar $200 (305cm long, bar benches inside of the bar)/including set up fee
  • pallet bench (two seater) $40/each or two benches for $70 to hire (colour/dark wood)comes with comfy cushion (grey based)
  • pallet bench (two seater without back rest) $35/each or $60 for two.
  • large pallet ottoman (110cm x 110cm) comes with cushion $55/each to hire or two for $100
  • boho style hole setting, $200 (including 2 x large ottomans, 2 x half barrels, 1x two seater pallet bench, 3 x Persian rugs, 5 x cushions, 2 x vintage crates
  • flower arrangement fee; please tell me what is your budget, will let you know what we can offer
  • rustic wooden dining table (vintage finish) NEW!!
  • large (2.8m x 1m) 10-12seater/wooden table $95/each to hire; 5 tables available
  • medium (1/8m x 1m) 6-8seater/wooden table $75/each to hire; 8 tables availabe


  • 3 x full wine barrels for $100!

  • GET ONE FREE when you order 7 x full wine barrels!!

  • we offer Event styling for your weddings and any events, see our rustic arrangements at


all the packages are subject to GST charges –

“Little Event Package” $280 plus GST (over $300 value with Free delivery & Pic up; within 20kms from Perth CBD, suitable for cocktail style event 20-30people)

Package include

  • 5 x full wine barrels
  • 15 x bar stools (choice of silver or black)
  • 2 x half barrels (great for keeping drinks)

“Happy event package” $630 (over $710 value with Free delivery & pic up; within 30kms from Perth CBD, suitable for cocktail party style event 30-45people)

package include

  • 6 x full wine barrels
  • 1 x wine barrel bar (one table top plus two full barrels)
  • 20 x bar stools (choice of silver or black)
  • 2 x half wine barrels (great for keeping drinks)
  • 2 x large ottoman (110cm x 110cm, comes with comfy cushion)
  • 6 x vintage wooden crates
  • 3 x rustic lanteren with LED candle (battery not included; need AAA x 3)
  • vintage chalk board (jarrah)

“Elephantine Event Package” $1280 (over $146o value with Free delivery & pic up within 30km from Perth CBD); suits for a large scale party between 60 to 100 ppl plus

package include;

  • 15 x full wine barrels
  • 2 x wine barrel bar (two table tops plus four full barrels)
  • 6 x half wine barrels (great for keeping drinks)
  • 50 x bar stools (black)
  • 10 x vintage wooden crates
  • 5 x rustic wooden lanterns
  • vintage chalk board (large; jarrah)
  • 2 x large ottomans (110cm x 110cm, comes with comfy cushion)
  • 2 x recycled pallet benches ( two seater)

“Rustic Wedding ceremony Package” $680 (Free delivery and pic up within 30kms from Perth CBD)

  •  10 x small pallet ottomans (2 seater each, comes wth cushion)
  • wedding Arbour
  • 2 x wine barrels
  • 2 x white rustic lanterns with LED candles
  • 4 x vintage crates
  • 1 x vintage jarrah chalk board
  • 1 x signing table with chairs

“wedding ceremony package with white chairs” $280 (seating capacity for 18 guests. over $334 value, Free delivery and set up within 15kms from Perth CBD)

  • 1 x wedding arbour
  • 18 x white bentwood chairs
  • 2 x wine barrels (can be used as a signing table.. or entry decoration, also as pre drink corner table)
  • you can add numbers of white bentwood chairs on to this package with extra cost, we have over 100 available

Delivery fee

Free delivery with minimal order $100 within 5kms from Inglewood

Free delivery with minimal order $190 within 10kms from Inglewood

Free delivery with minimal order $200 within 15kms from Inglewood

Free delivery with minimal order $250 within 20kms from Inglewood

over 20kms from Inglewood; please contact us for quote

    • please advice us if the venue is in upstairs. it might incur surcharges
  • we request minimal $50 (or 30%)deposit for secure the booking. the deposit is non-refundable once we secure your booking.

We also offer event styling service including flower arrangement for any events including a small birthday party to weddings.; please contact us for more information!

or Call Now on 0422592913